Our top three for your privacy

We are focused on optimizing the cleaning of Windows, Firefox and VLC. Unlike Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge stores user data in the cloud or in databases you can't delete without corrupting browser integrity. For that reason, we recommend you to use Firefox.

Designed for Windows 10

Removing recent files access data and frequent folders on windows. Clear data caches and temporary data.

Optimized for Firefox

Clearing every bit of user-specific information, including cookies and search history even in search bars.

Adapted for VLC

Clearing of recently played files from VLC.

Downloaded Media

Your downloaded music, images or videos are only your business, ANTIFOR can clear all your downloded data at a glance, without leaving any trace.

Microsoft Edge

Clearing Microsoft Edge cache, trackers, cookies and all that can be erased.

Google Chrome

Clearing All Google Chrome based browsers, cache, trackers, cookies and all that can be erased.

* Already growing up 4235 downloads

Focused on the security and privacy of downloaded data.

With Windows 10 there is always a trace of your downloads even when they are deleted. We offer you a software that really erases the media from all parts of Windows, Firefox and VLC.

Firefox is completely empty of searched and downloaded content. The suggestion bar for URLs is empty, alongside history, cookies and cache directories. The history of VLC is also cleared.

The Wipe Method

Antifor uses a file destruction method that does not allow for recovery operations, the content, size and even the names of erased files become masquerade!

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